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Mana-Culture-Logo (2)   Welcome to Mana Culture online. We are so excited to finally get our website underway so that we can offer you the most beautiful quality jewelry online as well as in our stores. Please be patient with us as we are working hard to get everything set up for our website and for you guys to have a happy shopping experience. In case you are new to the site or to the Austin area here's a little information about our jewelry. Seventy percent of our jewelry is locally made by different artist in and around Austin. We believe in supporting local and feel that there is a piece of jewelry for everyone! The majority of our jewelry is 24 carat gold plated sterling silver or gold fill and all of our earrings are nickel free. We are able to do custom orders, organic spray tans, bridal jewelry and feathering. We have our own store line that consists of genuine gemstones all on 24 carat gold plated sterling silver. Our jewelry is all affordable and make great personal or friend gifts. Our website should be up and running in the next couple of weeks. Don't let the website stop you from shopping though; if you see anything you like feel free to call us and we are happy to send photos.  In the meantime, please come check out our two locations in Austin: South 2214 South 1st St. Austin, Tx 78704 512-707-0200 East 1107 East 11th St. Austin, Tx 78702 512-391-1555 Happy Shopping!      XO Mana Girls
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