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  • Beautiful Spots in Austin to Destress
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Beautiful Spots in Austin to Destress

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The city of Austin is one of limitless creativity and inspiration, yet sometimes I find myself getting overwhelmed but the daily hustle and crave some nature to re-center myself. I think this is something that is enormously important, to have places where we can go that breathe peace into our minds so that we can go into our worlds each day refreshed.

I would hazard a guess that in your city, no matter where it is, there are countless hidden spots that could breathe inspiration back into your heart.

Here are a few of my favorites in our hometown of Austin:

  1. Mount Bonnell


Mount Bonnell, has been an attraction for lovers of beauty since the 1850s, and is one of the highest points in Austin. At sunset and sunrise it is particularly stunning as it affords the most beautiful view of Lake Austin. Just a few minutes outside the city, it is the perfect place to unwind and breathe deeply.
2. Umlauf Sculpture Garden


Located just next to busy Zilker Park, the Umlauf Sculpture garden is an oasis of green and beauty. There are over 160 sculptures made by Charles Umlauf, and it is the most beautiful hidden place to regain your zen.

3. Town Lake


Although Town Lake is in the midst of all the beautiful chaos that is the city, it is the perfect way to get a break from your day. Sitting right on the Colorado River, it offers miles of skyline views and lush green paths where you can run or walk to your hearts content.
4. The Ladybird Johnson Flower Center


The beautiful wildflower center is a botanical garden of sorts that was created as a way to celebrate the search for sustainability of nature. Around 10 miles southwest of town, if you are a flower or just nature lover in general, a visit to the flower center will leave you feeling peaceful and fulfilled. It was even voted the number one place to see the Texas wildflowers.

5. The Hope Outdoor Gallery

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While the graffiti park is not exactly nature, when I lived in this area it was one of my favorite places to go early in the morning. One can scramble to the top of the spray paint adorned walls and at the top, there is one of the most beautiful views you can get of downtown, leaving the city looking almost serene. This celebrated Austin landmark is also on its way out unfortunately as it searches for a new location, so go quick before its gone.

7. Mayfield Park


I remember going to Mayfield Park when I first moved to Austin, in search of exploration and the famed peacocks that wander its trails. It was, and still is to me, one of my favorite places in this city. Built in the 1870s, this beautiful park and its pathways, its views of the river and beyond have been a destination of tranquility for many.

Where do you go to find peace?

Let us know!

Love and Light,

Mana Culture

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