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  • Go Outside and Look at the Moon, Do it!
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Go Outside and Look at the Moon, Do it!

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The Moon

If you’ve gone outside at night lately, you’ve probably noticed the moon in all its majesty. This October, November and December the full moons of the month will all occur when the moon is the closest to the earth, as such gaining the name of the supermoon. 

This last weekends super moon was the Beaver moon and its orange glow illuminated our nights, making our nights bright as day.

The moon has immense power in communities throughout the world and throughout history. From the passage of time, to a symbol of light in the dark, to a governance of the seasons, in many ways our very livelihood is ruled by the moon. 

In certain Native American cultures, each month had a different moon that symbolized what was plentiful or symbolic of that particular month. For example, December was the cold moon while August was the corn moon and September was the harvest moon. 

We love these legends as they make us realize how connected we all are. At Mana we made a set of sea bead necklaces that come on matching silk or brown lambskin suede cords so you can carry the moon of your birth with you wherever you go. 

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November Moon

The moon has many connections to crystals and stones, moonstone is one of our favorite stones at Mana. It is often called the traveling moon, as the moon brought hope for those who journeyed in the dark to get home, or for sailers to see the stars on dark waters.

We have lots of moonstone products at Mana, so that you can carry the light of the moon with you wherever you go.

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Moon Stone On A String 

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Rainbow Moon Stone Gold Bangle

The moon is still larger than life tonight, so if there are any rituals you do to cleanse your mind and your energy, tonight is the night. 

Perhaps on a piece of paper, write down anything you would like to release, things that no longer serve you, hold it up in the air and offer it to the universe. Then symbolically, if you wish you can burn the paper so that you can be free of those things you would rather leave behind. After that, think about what it is you would manifest and write them down, keep it close, maybe put it in a little jar or bottle and revisit the goals or hopes that you wrote down.

One way to take advantage of all this pure moonlight, is to put your stones or your crystals in a silver bowl with a little bit of water and salt and let it bathe in the light. This serves to cleanse the crystals from anyone who might have worn it before, or any negativity it may have become charged with as of late.

The moon is nothing but symbolic for change, the passage of time and the change of the tides. 

It is comforting to know that no matter how small we feel, every single person in the whole world looks up at night and sees the same moon. 

Now go outside and look!

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