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Our Top Ten Bohemian Blogs

Our Top Ten Bohemian Blogs

  1. A ridiculously beautiful couple, the most epic vintage airstream, and the most amazing bohemian clothing? Sign us up! Sarah Loven, along with her photographer boyfriend, produce endless wanderlust inspiring posts as she travels across the country, and world as a brand ambassador for all our favorite designers. She leads us to everything from all our favorite festivals to the most majestic of ocean and mountain vistas. Her pictures let us dream of endless horizons, absolute freedom and the nomad life she leads leaves us with some serious wanderlust. 

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2. The Finnish beauty, Hellen of Gypsy Lovin Light makes her home in Western Australia, and her images of sun soaked beauty and beach dreams make us all feel a little envious.  Her pictures definitely have a signature look to them, one that is easily recognizable. Tan skin glowing with flash tattoos, and dripping in the most gorgeous jewelry accented by white gauzy fabric against the backdrop of sunset candy clouds and the deep blue of the ocean, her pictures leave us ready to pack our bags and head to the beaches of Australia.  

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3, Moon to Moon is one of my personal favorites and where I look to every time for any inspiration for my home, bathroom or any sort of interior decoration. This amazing blog is filled to the brim with the absolute best of the gypset style from all the most amazing blogs and designers across the web. With ideas for everything from home decor, books, plants, styling and food it is a treasure trove for anyone who loves bringing the bohemian home with them. She has a special emphasis on the handmade and ethically produced products which we love. We could literally get lost on this website for hours with all the ideas for how to transform our home and lives. 

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4. Bohemian Diesel Marketplace, like Moon to Moon is a collection of the most gorgeous bohemian collections and photoshoots that take place all over the world. It is a curated collection and presentation of photography, art, music, festivals and interviews from across the web. It even has a special category for all the most dream worthy bohemian photographers and fashion muses. If you are looking for some inspiration, look no further, and if you’re not careful the whole day could go by when you get lost on this site.

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(This image is from Porter Magazine Winter, “As Wild as the Wind” as shown on Bohemian Diesel)  

5. With a truly iconic style, Rachel Urquhart, an illustrator and volcolm and ambassador in Australia whose blog is filled with neon colors, turquoise jewelry, and just enough rock and roll to make us all find our inner 70s goddess. Her drawings are filled with cacti, rainbows, flowers and beautiful girls. Whether or not we are artists, her pictures and her art are enough to fill any heart with a feeling of freedom and the urge to ride off into the sunset. 

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7. We are 365, is the mastermind of two Swedish sisters Mira and Thilda Berglind who act as both the photographer and the models. Their amazing images make us feel like we fell into a fairy tale land that can bring us to Scandinavian forests or to the beaches of Mexico in one sitting. Their images are dreamlike, yet simultaneously organic, as they showcase the natural beauty of both the sisters and the world around them. Their posts leave us feeling inspired to grab our favorite kimono and pile into our van complete with lace dream catchers and leafy green plants inside, as we head off into unknown lands for all the adventures that lay ahead.  

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7. Hummusbird is the creation of Brigette Muller one of the most recognizable faces of the Free People blog. Her sense of interior design is something out of a dream with the ability to make any space seem enormous, white and filled with plants and exotic accents. Literally every time I move to a new place, or have the opportunity to redecorate a room I look to Hummusbird for inspiration. Her flowing red hair and her ability to style even the plainest of pieces into a drool worthy outfit makes her blog an absolute must. It will leave you wondering if you should get rid of everything you own, to fill your house with billowing white fabric, pillows, lace and more plants than you can count. Brigette herself is the epitome of bohemian fashion, and allows us into her day to day life on her blog.

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8. On the first page of the Rustic Bones blog, is the quote “Come, let us adventure, and do more than just exist,” and that is truly the spirit that Jessica the photographer of this blog evokes with her images. Having worked with Pacsun, Lucky Brand and Free People, her rustic photos leave us feeling restless for movement, and help to remind us that from a quiet field, to a forgotten path there is always beauty to be inspired by. This blog is an endless source of inspiration for anyone who loves adventures and getting lost in the wild from the mountains to the sea.


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9. Spell and the Gypsy Collective has reached almost cult following status over the last few years and is a a pinnacle of all things bohemian. Yet their blog is a dream all on its own, endlessly inspiring whether it coverage of festivals, to amazing dreamlike images of the Australian outback. Their photos make us feel like we can easily move from the jungle of Bali, to sun-soaked California 70s glam, to hair tutorials and dinner party ideas. For anyone in need of some style inspiration, this blog will give you endless pages of pure wanderlust.  

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10. And of course, the mother load of bohemian style, the headquarters of the Free People Offices bring to you literally endless amounts of inspiration for the bohemian lifestyle. A blog that I have checked daily for years now, it is chalk full of ideas for everything from healthy living, to fashion inspiration, to home decor, music, art, and of course, fashion. If you have an afternoon, or maybe a week to kill, this blog goes on for literally hundreds of pages full of amazing ideas for everything boho and will leave you feeling refreshed with new ideas for every part of your life.

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