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Stone Spotlight: Chrysophrase

The warm and mystical green color of chrysoprase is one you will often see around our necks and wrists at Mana Culture. In fact, the very meaning of the word, chrysoprase comes from the Greek word for gold, and the greek word for leek, in reference to its unusual coloring.

The beautiful stone was also supposed to be favorite stone of Alexander the Great.

The stone itself can be found all over the world, and dates back to the 14th century. It is also sometimes referred to as Australian Jade. It has gained the title of the stone of love and truth.

The beautiful stone is a powerful one, it is both a stone of balance and one of fortune. It’s cool green depths remind me of a tropical lagoon, of somewhere deep, peaceful and quiet.

It is thought that the wearing of this stone will help one to cleanse the energies within and around them, making the equalization of the yin and yang possible, helping the wearer find balance.

It is even thought that this beautiful stone has healing benefits for the physical body. If one has eye problems, fertility issues or even high fevers this stone is said to help the body fight these ailments.

It is also thought to aid in peaceful dreams, if one has problems sleeping if they put one of these stones under their pillow, their troubles will be eased.

A stone often associated with love, it is thought not only to protect against heartbreak but to attract new love energies. If one is going through heart troubles, it is also a stone that can help you find peace more quickly or to quiet your emotions. It also aides with forgiveness, both to others as well as for yourself.

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