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Stone Spotlight: Labradorite

You may have noticed we at Mana love our stones and gems and crystals, and some more than others.

One of the best things about stones, is their unique meanings that allow them to resonate deeply within ourselves as we wear them.

Labradorite, was first thought to have been a piece of the aurora borealis that fell to the earth from the shimmering skies. It was discovered in Canada but has also been located naturally all over the world from Mexico to Finland. This stone is thought to have magical properties, and thus has been used by mystics, healers and shamans throughout history.


Labradorite is also known as a protector stone, one that makes a shield between the wearer to the dark parts of the world as it allows intuition and is a block for negativity.

It is thought that some who wear it are able to engage in psychic powers or even have access to past lives as they move through the present world.


It is a stone thought to improve our ability to be around others in constructive fashions whether it be in friendships or even in the workplace.

It encourages our positive side and lessens the inclination towards sadness and depression. Sometimes if you simply need to clear the your air, your head, your space, simply holding a labradorite can feel healing. Many feel that labradorite is one of the stones whose influence and powers can be seen the most easily, and the most quickly.

We at Mana adore labradorite, check out some of our favorite pieces here and you too can rock this magical stone every day.

Labradorite Quartz Stud Dangle

img_0122_1024x1024Labradorite Stone on a String


Labradorite Druzy Bracelet


Labradorite Moon Cuff


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