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Stone Spotlight: Moonstone

Moonstone, hands down, is my personal favorite stone.

The travelers stone, it has ancient meaning and traditions that surround it. It has always represented the moon and its mysterious powers, there is record of it being used jewelry as far back as the ancient Romans and perhaps longer in parts of Asia.

Many think of the moonstone as the travelers stone, as the moon was what would guide travelers through the dark night to safety or allow those at sea to see the stars to guide them home.

If you are a frequent traveler, some think it would behoove you to carry one in your bag, or in your glove compartment to help guide you safely to your destinations.

Some believe that if you put your moonstones outside in the light of the full moon it will recharge them, purify them and heighten their power.

Moonstone is also thought to be a healing stone, and have the ability to stabilize our internal rhythms, so many see it as being a woman’s stone.

It is thought that this crystal helps to decrease stress, to encourage hope, and to protect us in times of trial.

In terms of health, moonstone is said to balance and stimulate the pituitary gland, water retention, menstrual problems, sleeplessness, and hormonal issues.

It is also a stone to promote the acceptance of love, as well as love for ourselves even in times of trial. It is thought that if one gives a moonstone to an ex-lover, it can reunite them even if they parted in anger.

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