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Stone Spotlight: Turquoise

It is thought that turquoise, is one of the oldest stones known to man, and especially to be used by man.

The world itself, means Turkish stone, as the main trade routes that transported the stone routed from Asia into Europe by way of Turkey. Since these ancient times the stone has played important roles in societies all across the world ranging from decorative to ceremonial.

As far back as 5000 B.C., the turquoise stone has made appearances from Iraq to to Egypt.

The turquoise stone also has a particularly strong meaning and link to numerous Indigenous American cultures, many of whom think of turquoise as the universal stone and that by wearing it a link from the earth to the sky is created.

An interesting fact about turquoise is that many believe that it will mirror the health of the person wearing it, growing more pale if the person is sick and more deep with increasing health.

A stone of purification, it is often used as lovers talismans, as a way to bring luck, and the protection of evil.

Benefits of wearing turquoise:

-Protection from injury and accidents

-A talisman against theft and loss

-It promotes healing and self-forgiveness

-Promotion of friendship

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