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Wellness Spotlight: Bone Broth

As the cold winds start to blow, I find myself wanting to curl up in blankets with something warm to drink. I personally favor savory over sweet, and while I love a good cup of tea or coffee, I also really love soups and broth.


Recently I became aware of bone broth, an ancient traditional food that is used by cultures all over the world, and let me just say I am obsessed.

Bone broth has been used in Chinese and other traditional medicines for almost 3,000 years. Originally, of course, bone broth would have been something that emerged from practicality, hunters wouldn’t have thrown away any part of the animal when they hunted.


Ancient Europeans began to use bone broth as an aid for digestion among other things, and in food it plays a large role in Middle Eastern and several Asian cultures. In South America, there is a saying that bone broth can bring one back from the dead.

If you have been to a health food store lately, you’ve probably seen the massive resurgence of bone broth as a trendy health supplement. But, it really is that good. Not only are there lots of local businesses in every city making their own sustainably and without additions such as MSG, there are lots of unique flavors and combinations.

The traditional method of drinking it is to sip it slowly while hot. Not only does it have great amounts of calcium, it can be used to aid in digestion, blood flow, and kidney health among many other benefits.

Ultimately of course, it is no miracle cure for all things, however it has been used as a base for soups, stews and curries around the world for millennia and that has to count for something.

You can find a million options of different flavors and brands in your local health store, but you can also make your own. If you’re like my family, you probably have a lot of leftover turkey, you can always boil down the bones and add salt and any sort of vegetables you might like and soon enough you have your own amazing bone broth.



All I know is, I’ve found bone broth to be the perfect thing to sip when the rain is pouring or the wind is blowing.

Happy December Loves!

Love and Light,

Mana Culture

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