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Wellness Spotlight: Oil Pulling

One of my favorite health rituals lately, has been the practice of oil pulling.

An ancient practice, that finds its roots in India, this ayurvedic method is also called ‘kavala,’ and ‘gundusha,’ the practice primarily involves swishing oil in your mouth for several minutes.

An ayurvedic practice, it doesn’t necessarily matter what type of oil one uses, extra virgin and pure olive oil is a popular choice, some people even like using sesame oil, however I personally favor coconut oil.

One of my favorite ways to practice oil pulling, is to do it first thing in the morning as a way of a meditation to greet the day. It is important to do the oil pulling on an empty stomach, so before you have your tea or coffee just try being quiet and swishing a tablespoon of coconut oil before spitting, brushing your teeth and getting that blessed coffee before starting your day.

I find that it gives me a chance to center myself and focus on my intentions for the day, not to mention that it forces one to be conscious, aware and in the moment.

The health benefits of course, are the real appeal of oil pulling. It is of course a dental technique, and is predictably fabulous for your mouth helping to prevent cavities, gum disease and irritation, but as well as that it can clean the toxins and dirt out of your mouth making it a clean area, this coincidentally helps with numerous other systems in your body.

Oil pulling is known to help prevent heart disease, get rid of throat dryness and irritation, improving acne, lessening inflammation, helping prevent tooth decay, improving bad breath and helping with dry skin.

There’s nothing most of us would like more than to have the perfect row of pearly whites, well this organic and natural method is also known for whitening your teeth.

The main idea is that the oil itself pulls out impurities and toxins in your mouth that then would otherwise permeate into the rest of your body.

So why not give it a try, see how you feel after a week!

Love and light,

Mana Culture

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